UV lamps

Our flexible manufacturing facilities and high-qualified team allows to produce wide range of quartz lamp types including UV and ozone generating lamps ordinary types as well as product with special characteristics according your requirements.

Low pressure UV Lamps / Replacement types

Download our Product Overveiw Jelosil Amalgam UV Lamps (en)

We offer low pressure amalgam and mercury lamps our own product line as well as equivalent lamps for replacement of most popular types.

Range of power from 50 to 1500 W. Geometric sizes and shapes of our linear series can be performed at big ranges from D 14...32 mm and length 50...2600 mm.

You can find technical data for our low pressure UV lamps below.

Other lamp types for replacement are available!
For more information send your request to info@jelosil-uvt.com

Compact bended amalgam UV lamps

Our unique JSB series compact bended UV lamps was developed for special tasks and applications. These lamps allow to reach high power and output parameters in small volume.

You can find technical data for our JSB series amalgam lamps below.

Compact bended UV lamps are available in shapes 1-6 and quartz tubes with diameter from 15 to 32 mm. All the technical parameters depend on chosen bulb configuration and can be specified on request.

Shape and bulb dimensions can be changed according your personal requirements in order to reach maximum efficiency and solve you special application tasks.

Download our Replacement Lamps Product Overveiw Jelosil Regular UV Lamps (en)