The current areas of application for our lamps are following

Drink water

UV water treatment is a relatively new and rapidly developing technology. The low pressure amalgam lamps gave new possibilities to this method over against the simple low pressure lamps. The main advantage of amalgam lamp is a high specific power with big efficiency. This circumstance allows to reach the industrial scale of treated water with small dimensions of the equipment.

The advantages of UV water treatment are following:

  • High performance of UV against all types of microorganisms
  • The absence of by-products during UV-treatment
  • Efficiency and safety of UV equipment
  • No transportation, storage or handling of chemicals
  • Easily installed within existing water treatment facilities
  • Low capital and operational costs
  • Effective as stand-along or part of multi-barrier treatment strategy
  • Simple to operate
  • Minimal hazard risks for operators

Industrial water

For environment safety is very important to clean and disinfect industrial waste water.
Also a lot of types of water using in industrial processes (like gas treatment, technical water treatment, purification of radiators, mineral analysis and etc.) requires high and middle quality. Using UV-disinfection allows to completely refuse from chlorine method on processing industrial and waste water.


UV method is widely used for disinfection of surfaces and finds an application in hospitals, schools, and any other public places (airports, railway stations, stadium with a closed roof, nightclubs, buses. planes, trains, and etc.). Also one of directions – food industry, where is very important to prevent spreading of bacteria and other microorganisms in food, so UV-disinfection of surfaces in food production and packing process is very simple and effective way to solve this problem. UV disinfection also can be applied an agriculture industry (green houses, animal husbandry, fishing farms, store).


For clean healthy air and removing odors and bad smells UV disinfection is the most effective and low-cost method. In the air of public places (especially hospitals) there are a lot of microorganisms that requires very careful elimination. For this applications UV disinfection is used in irradiators and mounted in the ventilation system special devices with UV lamps.

Also, UV method finds an application in:

  • Medicine organizations
  • Food production facilities
  • Pharmaceutical production facilities
  • Food stores
  • Smelts contamination
  • Central air ventilation
  • In purpose of ozone generation
  • Public places (airports, raiway stations, stadium with a closed roof, nightclubs, buses. planes, trains, concert halls and so on)