Ultraviolet Lamps

We produce standard lamp types for replacement as well as unique sources that designed to meet the individual requirements of a specific tasks and applications.

The main directions of the company activity are development and production of low pressure amalgam lamps and medium pressure mercury lamps. These UV lamps are the most effective and powerful, and they have been widely used in various applications of UV technology. The specialists of Jelosil UV-Technology have years of experience in the development of UV light sources used in various fields of human activity.

- Low pressure UV Lamps

Product Overview (en)

- Medium pressure UV lamps

- Spare parts

- Special machines for lamps production

Production facilities of Jelosil UV-Technology are based and supported by the half century of experience of Jelosil Machinery Company. This circumstance allows to develop and use of the unique technological and design solutions that give a possibility to produce modern high quality product and expand the areas of UV technology application.